With that said, here are the proposed modern classes & rules for 2005:

Vintage Classes for 2005:
These would be amateur classes.

500 Premier
Sportsman 500        
Sportsman 750        
Classic 60’s

Modern Classes for 2005: (these are modern classes with no handicaps for vintage bikes)
These would be Pro=Am classes.

BoTT GP1 (Heavyweight, 1000cc max)        
BoTT GP2 (Lightweight, 750cc max)  
125 Grand Prix, Stars of Tomorrow
250 Grand Prix, Stars of Today
SoS Senior, 750cc max                                                       
SoS Junior, 500cc max.                                                      
SoS Two-Stoke, 500cc max          
Sound of Thunder

125 Grand Prix, The Stars of Tomorrow: I would include, as this class will bring new blood into “GP” racing, these being the stars of tomorrow (this is a good Father/Son or Daughter class), an amateur class in a professional setting. In addition, a stepping-stone to 250 Grand Prix in our ranks, and hopefully World Championship racing.  Rules are simple; 125cc 2-stroke/single cylinder road racer, spec fuel. No restrictions on weight, tires or modifications.

250 Grand Prix, The Stars of Today: After input from former AMA #1 riders (in this class) this is a must have in our modern program. This would be a Pro-Am class (for modern/new 250GP machines).  Rules are simple; 250cc 2-stroke twin road racer, spec fuel. No restrictions on weight, tires or modifications. (If entries exceed a safe grid, then qualifying will take place to determine the grid size & order).

BoTT: BoTT needs to be restructured; Two-classes,“GP1” and “GP2”.
In GP1 Heavyweight; 4-stroke, twin cylinder, 1000cc max. 
In GP2 Lightweight; 4-stroke, twin cylinder, 750cc max.
Rules are simple; No restriction on weight, tires or modifications.
Factory GP machines are limited to GP1 only (regardless of 750cc or not). GP1 machines may use any chassis and/or engine combanation (as long as it's a 4-stroke twin).
Production based machines GP2 only (sold for highway use in global market).
All machines must retain original appearance of bodywork. Production frame and engine are required. Modifications are permitted to the machine in general. (No handicaps to vintage machines, though they can compete if they comply with the production rules – except exhaust). These classes will run as one race with a two-wave start (if entries exceed a safe grid, then qualifying will take place to determine the grid size & order). This will be the "BIG" race on Sunday, running last in the day (see race order).

SoS: SoS needs to be restructured; Two classes, Senior and Junior.  Rules are simple; 750cc 4-stroke in Senior and 500cc 4-stroke in Junior, & spec fuel. No restrictions on weight, tires or modifications. No handicaps to vintage machines. Just think of the Super-Mono attraction this class could now have!

SoS 2-Stroke GP: Test class, maximum 500cc single cylinder 2-strokes. No restrictions on weight, tires or modifications. No handicaps. This class to run as third wave on SoS grid.
If entries don’t materialize, the class will be dropped for 2006.

BEARS: International BEARS rules will be used to attract an International field. Rules are simple; No Handicaps. Spec fuel. No restrictions on weight, tires or modifications. No Handicaps.

Sound of Thunder: As currently written. No handicaps. Spec fuel. If entries doesn't materialize in 2005, class will be dropped in 2006.

“Superbike Revisited”, as it should be called, is easy, one class. AHRMA to use former AMA Superbike rules from for given years (this will include the previous F750 class & rules too); If you have a 1982 machine you’ll comply to 1982 rules, if a 1985 then of course 1985 rules, including engine displacement. Correct color schemes and period equipment is a must.  In 2005 we’ll begin with AMA season 1985. (Note: Every year the cutoff date will move, thus keeping it at 20-years).  This is a “Showcase” Class, ONE class. Just think of the draw this class alone will have! Genuine machines from the past, and maybe even some of the riders that rode them. Just imagine… Kenny Roberts on his Daytona winning 500 Yamaha, or Eddie Lawson on his, or Don Emde on his 1972 Daytona 200 Winning Yamaha or Freddie Spencer! What a spectator draw.

For Proposed AHRMA Race Weekend Program for 2005, Click here....