We at WCBR highly recommend AVON Racing Tyres for you historic racer and modern road racer. Since the early 1980's we have raced on AVON's with great success, the Road Runner being near unbeatable!. At the same time we helped AVON and its North American importer to test and develop the Super Venom series of tyres, as well as the RoadRunner vintage racing tyres.
The majority of these racing tyres are made by AVON Racing and not AVON Tyres, this means they are a limited run tyre. The prices shown are Suggested Retail... for those racing and seeking a better price, please feel free to contact us regarding Racer Pricing (resume required).   .
AVON Racing Tyres... These are non-DOT, and not for street use.

Part#        Tire      Size           Compound                        Retail

90-1206   AM20   90/90H18    Vint/Race#4560/F              $CALL
90-1207   AM20   90/90H19    Vint/Race#4559                 $
90-1208   R2-F      80/90H18    Vint/RaceRR/R2/Frt          $
90-1209   F2          90/90H18    Vint/RaceRR/F2#2408      $
90-1210   R2-R     80/90H18     Vint/RaceRR/R2/Rear       $
90-1211   R2         90/90H18     Vint/RaceRR/R2#2181     $
90-1213   R2       100/90H18     Vint/RaceRR/R2#2128     $
90-1215   R2       110/90H18     Vint/RaceRR/R2#2972     $
90-1216   AM18 100/90V18     Vint/Race/TF#9092          $
90-1217   AM18 120/80V18     Vint/Race/TF#4558          $
90-1220   F2         90/90H19      Vint/RaceRR/F2#2881     $
90-1222   AM23 130/650VB18  Race/TF#5288                $
90-1223   AM22 110/80VB18    TF/Rearcomp#5429       $
90-1224   AM22 110/80VB18    Vint/RaceC61#3996       $
90-1229   SP        275/300H19    Vint/Race/Speedmaster  $
90-1230   SP        325H19           Vint/Race/Speedmaster  $
90-1231   SP        300H20           Vint/Race/Speedmaster  $
90-1232   SP        300H21           Vint/Race/Speedmaster  $
90-1233   GP       350H19           Vint/Race/GP                 $
Avon Road Tyres.... DOT Approved

Part#       Tire      Size               Type                             Retial
90-1653   SP        300S20             Speedmaster Special     $
06371      SP        300S19             Speedmaster TT           $
06372      SP        325S19             Speedmaster TT           $
06373      SP        350S19             Speedmaster TT           $
06374      SP        300S21             Speedmaster TT           $
06378      RR       410H19            Road Runner Univ        $
06397      SC        350x19             Sidecar Duty                 $
90-1274  AM24  90/90T21          Gripster                        $
90-1273  AM24  130/80T17        Gripster                        $
90-1056  AM24  110/80T18        Gripster                        $
90-1057  AM24  120/80T18        Gripster                        $
AVON Tyres not listed...  Call for sizes & pricing.

AV45/46 Sport-Touring       
AZARO-SP Pro-Xtreme
Road Runner AM20/21
Super Venom AM20/AM18
AM22/23 Low Profile Sport
Venom R AM41/42
Venom-R Radial